For Edenway energy management can never be efficient if users behaviors are not. Therefore, implicating the users is part and parcel of our projects:

Implementation of awareness programs and culture change management around energy

Definition of climate change mitigation strategies for companies and territories

Training, communication, and networking around energy

Development and funding research of R & D & I projects in Energy Efficiency

Implementation of energy management systems

Energy audit and energy certification of buildings


S-ENERGY in barcelona public libraries

Barcelona City Council within the European project SPEA

To find solutions to reduce the energy consumption of public buildings. To this end, the City Council made 10 of its public libraries available to the project.

In collaboration with VEOLIA, Edenway designed a program including user perceptions and behaviors, that means a demand-driven approach. Awareness-raising sessions were organized with public officials to identify possible improvements. While VEOLIA implemented its technological solutions, Edenway explained and shaped them, making the staff and users more aware of the best practices in energy.

The project is underway and the goal is to reduce energy consumption by 18% this winter.

Climate change mitigation strategies

The Diputació de Barcelona, on behalf of 5 municipalities: Sant Just Desvern, Esplugues de Llobregat, Montgat, Molins de Rei, and Tiana.

These Catalan municipalities have signed the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy initiative, committing themselves to reduce 30% of their emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030, through their ambitious Climate and Energy Plans. These councils needed support in order to carry out their commitment.

Edenway has accompanied the 5 municipalities in the evaluation of the work done, as well as in the recovery of data corresponding to the implemented actions. Subsequently, following a benchmark study and reflection sessions in the presence of all city councils, Edenway has projected and quantified the savings in CO2 emitted by future actions, allowing the 30% target to be achieved.

All municipalities will have an inventory of their climate change mitigation policy, as well as a roadmap to be followed up to 2030.

Neighborhood participation – Grow Smarter

Gas Natural Fenosa as part of the consortium of the European project GrowSmarter.

GrowSmarter is a European project that is part of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission. This pilot aims to apply a combination of technologies for energy saving, reducing environmental impact, and improving the quality of life in Smart City environments. The ultimate goal isto design a model so it can be replicated, in a near future, in other districts and cities.

Communication, marketing, and participation mobilization. Edenway has ensured the follow-up, training and awareness, and acted as interlocutor between the end users and Gas Natural Fenosa for the implementation of energy management systems and renewable energy solutions in existing buildings in Barcelona.

Most neighbors have participated and interacted daily with energy monitoring devices. In addition, they have transmitted very good feedback about the project.

Chess-Setup: Energy innovation in buildings

A consortium of 10 public and private actors has been set up within the framework of the European Commission’s H2020 funding program.

Pilot test of a technological solution that allows the energy renovation of buildings through the storage of thermal energy.

Edenway is responsible for two cross-cutting tasks within the framework of the 3-year project:

-The dissemination and communication of results, by the dynamization of a web page, a Twitter account, and the presentation of CHESS SETUP to different sector events.
-The definition of business models, as well as the operating plan from three pilot tests developed within the framework of the project.

To learn more about the project go to the website comme or to the Twitter account