Edenway is an expert in accelerating the growth, at local and international level, of companies that have been created in the field of Sustainable Development.

Local development strategies

Identification and Incubation of Startups

Definition of new business models and offers

Development and funding research of R & D & I projects

Business development and operational support


How to be a city that supports and promotes innovation ?

The economic development agency of the province of San Sebastián, Spain: Fomento de San Sebastián.

The desire to be inspired by international partners to boost the activity of their territory, through the funding of calls for projects.

Edenway has identified 5 economic development agencies from European cities and analyzed their strategies and engineering of one of their most successful projects. Subsequently, 5 global innovation contests and their results have been analyzed in detail.

This two-phase study has supported Fomento de San Sebastián to guide its innovation strategy.

Business development in social and ecological economy

Talleres Bellvitge is a work center that aims to integrate people with physical or mental disabilities in the job market.

Tallers Bellvitge recognized that some of its traditional services such as handling, packaging or graphic arts are declining. For this reason they decided to launch a new service: “Enviaenverd”, a new courier service.

Edenway offered both strategic and operational Business Development consultancy in the specific area of sale of Eco-Messaging Services, in the following areas of collaboration:

– Sustainable Electrical Mobility.
– Vehicles and infrastructures adapted to the Eco-Messaging Service.
– Design and construction of the Eco-Messaging Services offer adapted to the objectives and resources of Taller Bellvitge.
– Business Development of the Envianeverd Service.

Strategy and road map for the commercial development of a new sustainable messaging service operating in Barcelona area.

Attract startups of the mobile sector

Barcelona Activa, the local development agency of the Barcelona City Council, along with the Mobile World Capital Barcelona as strategic partner.

A program was defined to support newly created startups related to mobile telephony:

– Financing
– Space and networking
– Talent Search
– Expert Advice

Barcelona needed to launch the program internationally to attract the best startups in the Mobile sector.

Identification and contact of Start-Ups with an international profile based on two axes:

– Benchmarking and contact with the main French incubators and accelerators in the Mobile environment.

– Identification and contact with the most interesting non-Spanish mobile start-ups within the criteria defined by the M-Program.

Collaborations have been established with the top 10 networks and incubators related to the Mobile sector in France. International startups that met the criteria and had motivation to participate in the M-Program have been identified, contacted, and captured.

Implementation of a company dedicated to energy efficiency in spain

Okavango Energy

Having developed an innovative service of energy efficiency in the industrial sector in France, Okavango has decided to extend its activity in an international way.

Edenway assignment was to support the development of Okavango’s activities in Spain. Having drawn the Spanish ecosystem and validated the development opportunities of the company in Spain, Edenway has participated in the creation of the Spanish structure, the recruitment of human resources and team coaching, as well as the acceleration of the business.

In two years, Okavango has been able to impose itself as a relevant player in the energy efficiency consultancy in Spain, currently having large industrial groups as their clients, such as Danone, Kellogg’s, Borges, Gallina Blanca, and Nestlé.