“Inspire Science and Technology to girls” (also known as INSPIRA) is a pioneer project in the Spanish Basque Country and in Catalonia aimed at encouraging scientific and technologic vocations among girls. The objective is to raise youngsters’ awareness about the reality of gender equality in the fields of science and technology, and to support particularly girls attracted by those sectors or worried about their on-site opportunities. Moreover, the project strives for getting young people to realize the important role of women in the scientific and technologic fields, the discriminations they might face in those areas and the impact scientific-technological activities have on Society’s growth and progress.


INSPIRA offers awareness and orientation interventions provided by working women from the fields of research, science and technology. INSPIRA relies on a consortium of voluntary women involved as mentors in the project (http://inspirasteam.net/mentoras/). They all work in Science and Technology areas in the various domains of education, business, research, administration, etc.