Edenway acts as a catalyst and technical support in the definition and implementation of projects to promote sustainable mobility, specifically:

Definition and coordination of Public-Private Platforms for New Mobility Solutions

Incubation and Collaboration with Startups in the mobility and transport field

Development of sustainable mobility strategies for companies and territories

Definition of new business models and innovative mobility services

Development of R & D & I Projects in Mobility and Urban Transport

Digital Mobility Transition: Human Centered Data & Mobility

Audit and transformation of public and private fleets

Training, co-creation, and communication around sustainable mobility


Experience in incitation to the use of bikes

Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB), Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Some economic activity parks located on the suburbs of the urban area are very dependent on the private vehicle, so alternative forms of mobility are often not considered.

To promote intermodality, Edenway designed and implemented a project to deploy conventional and electric bicycles in an area of peripheral activity. Workers in the area were encouraged to use the bicycles placed at their disposal, while the area park management policy was re-defined.

20% of the workers in the area have decided to use this service.

Definition and coordination of Public-Private Platforms for New Mobility Solutions

Barcelona Activa, the local development agency of the Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona wanted to promote the development of the incipient electric mobility, and make this opportunity a dynamic business activity sector in Catalonia.

Edenway accompanied the Barcelona City Council identifying the actors and opportunities in this sector. The company helped to launch the public-private platform LIVE, recruit its members, and define its strategy and action plan. Edenway ensures the coordination of the members and the technical office of the platform.

Today, the LIVE platform has 11 directors, 21 cooperating members, and 5 related entities. It represents the origin of a dynamic whose indicators could be: more than 1000 charging stations in Catalonia, almost 6000 electric vehicles registered in Catalonia, more than 300 million euros invested in this sector since 2013, and 50 electrification projects of fleets carried out by the platform.

Designing the mobility of the future

Innovation Department of SEAT S.A.

Stimulate internal innovation in urban sustainable mobility

Edenway provides technical support to SEAT by making available 3 of its engineers to develop the following services:

– The development of a mobile application that allows to find parking spaces available in real time.
– The development of an internal carsharing application, which allows vehicle rental, as well as carpooling.
– Edenway is also responsible for organizing events and conducting studies and benchmarks (scouting and screening), researching new concepts of mobility.

Several application prototypes were realized. The studies provided the manufacturer a clear understanding of the market trends, such as the connected vehicles field.

Urban electric mobility deployment

San Sebastián- Donostia City Council

The city of San Sebastián is defining a strategy to promote the electric vehicle in the city. These actions are part of the European project REPLICATE of which San Sebastián is a lighthouse city along with Bristol and Florence.

Edenway has carried out a technical assistance service for the development of the electric mobility strategy and the implementation of specific actions such as:

– Definition and design of the electric charge point network

– Advice on incentives to the electric vehicle

– Benchmarking and exchange sessions with other cities

The criteria for deploying the electric vehicle in the city and the tools to carry it out have been agreed among the agents of the sector.